Here on the Southcoast (and most of Massachusetts) you've probably heard a few of these phrases once or twice.

Here's the top ten phrases you'll hear if you come to the Southcoast (brought to you by The Odyssey).

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    Usually, wicked means something bad, but on the Southcoast it means "really".  Like, the wings at Busters are "wicked" good aren't they?!

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    If you've ever heard someone say they were going on a "dunks run" to the store on Alden Rd in Fairhaven, they mean they're going to Dunkin Donuts.

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    The GOAT

    Yep, Greatest Of All Time. Tom Brady. Just know it means Tom Brady.

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    Bubbler, otherwise known as a "water fountain".

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    Jimmies are chocolate sprinkles. If you go to any place in MA and ask for just "sprinkles" you'll be getting rainbow ones... when you finally make your way up to the ice cream scooper person at Acushnet Creamery, you've got to say; I'd like "jimmies" so you get the chocolate ones on top of your coffee chip waffle cone.

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    Bang a U-ey

    You know, making a quick (and sometimes illegal)  U-turn.  You might "pull a U-ey" while your are westbound on Rt 6 in Dartmouth near Mirisols and Wedy's... opps?  Was that illegal officer?

  • Gianluca Rasile


    Some might call it a t.v. remote.  We like to make things simple and rename it completely to the... CLICK-AH.

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    The Packie

    Most people might say "the liquor store or the package store"  If you're heading to the "packie" aka Douglas Wine and Spirits at Kings Highway, always stay safe and don't drink and drive.

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    If you've driven through the Southcoast and someone has screamed "use yah blinkah!" as you are quickly taking a right into the Walmart Plaza on Brayton Ave in Fall River and maybe a few swear words too, they are probably asking you to put your turn signal on :)

  • Mass State Police


    Best known as the Massachusetts State Trooper.