Are you expecting? Check out these unexpected baby names that are gaining popularity!

TSM/Dean Mithcell
TSM/Dean Mithcell

Celebrities are known for the crazy names they give their babies but apparently they're not the only ones! Your average, everyday person is now naming their baby weird things too!

Although not as weird as 'North West' or 'Audio Science' (those are REAL names too!) there's definitely some out there that make me go "Huh?!?!" released a list of the 10 Unexpectedly Popular Names and they include ones that you've definitely heard of but maybe never knew people actually named their kids that.

1. Khaleesie (for you all Game of Thrones fans out there!)

2. Aurelia

3. Elodie (Like Melodie, but without the "M", so the child should be able to sing, right?)

4. Katniss (I think we all know where this comes from.)

5. Luna

6. Asher

7. Ransom (Uh, what?! )

8. Bodhi

9. Beckett

10. Django (Again, uh, what?!)

I've definitely heard of some of these, but others just seem a little to out there for my taste!

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