Warning: If you're hungry, do not read beyond this sentence.

Every time I visit Martha's Vineyard, I find a new hidden gem or best-kept secret that I yearn to tell the world.

Each year, Fun 107 broadcasts live from Vineyard Haven's gorgeous Nobknocket Boutique Inn. The owners Annabelle and Simon Hunton have been my go-to guides since day one and they have yet to steer me in the wrong direction.

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From the best little clam chowder shacks to first-class dining, I've come to know the island firsthand, thanks to them, of course.

One rainy morning over Memorial Day weekend, while it was still raw outside, I was craving something warm to soothe the soul. Chowder always does the trick, but I wanted something different. That's when I found out about the best lunch hack the island has to offer.

Let's be honest.

Anyone who travels to Martha's Vineyard is well aware that the prices can be a little steeper than that of New Bedford or any other SouthCoast community. It's an island, and there are costs to importing products, gasoline and food, so it's not a secret. Plus, no matter where you go, the food is outstanding and worth the money.

That being said, allow me to save you a few bucks with one of the most affordable meals you'll come across on the Vineyard:

The Atlantic Fish & Chop House on Main Street in Edgartown.

This gorgeous waterfront establishment is a little more upscale than most restaurants but offers some of the freshest and most decadent dining in the area (not to mention the view).

On the menu, take a look at the soup and salad section. Simple, I'm aware, but you'll thank me later once you've licked your plate clean. Look for the item that says "Old Fashioned Tomato Bisque."

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

There is no description beneath it, but I'm here to tell you that it comes with a complimentary grilled cheese sandwich oozing with melty cheese that will knock your socks off. The bisque is lightly drizzled with a pinch of olive oil and the sandwich is buttered perfectly with a savory crunch. Dip your grilled cheese into the bisque for a beautiful marriage of creamy and savory your tastebuds will love.

Ready for the best part? It's only $14 and it's fulfilling for someone looking for the right amount of food -- not too much, not too little. In other words, if you just got the soup and sandwich, you're sure to be satisfied.

Bon appétit!

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