Congratulations to the annual Safe Zones Fill The Bus campaign this weekend. They absolutely crushed their goal of filling buses all over the SouthCoast with toys and games for underprivileged children.

That's why it was so shocking to hear of a real-life Grinch that showed up during the drive to voice a complaint.

How incredibly sad I am for this person who sees a beautiful community event, collecting toys for little kids who live right here in our neighborhoods, and this was their takeaway. I can't fathom the level of unhappiness and bitterness that must be in this person's life to make it a point to complain to the police about this event.

My guess is that the person was upset that the police cruisers and the bus were parked in the fire lane. I can almost hear the complaint now: "Who the heck do these cops think they are? Parking in the fire lane and collecting all of these toys for the kids. They think they're above the law!"

Here's the amusing part of the story: I wonder where the person who complained thinks the police would park the cruisers if they had to show up to Target in an emergency?

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