Allow me to paint the perfect picture of disappointment when it comes to ordering takeout.

New Bedford native Chakira Gonsalves has no problem flaunting her love for local food. When it comes to ordering out, she almost always has a plan in mind. Unfortunately, for Gonsalves, the food gods were not on her side the last time she ordered out.

Last weekend, Gonsalves was "too lazy to cook" and decided to hit up GotChew, a local food delivery service, for some grub from Cisco Brewers Kitchen & Bar. She was in the mood for some Mexican street corn but decided to also get an order of shrimp cocktail as an appetizer.

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She thought she was getting a full order of shrimp. Wouldn't you?

Instead, she ended up with one single shrimp presented over ice.

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Flabbergasted and mad at her mistake, Gonsalves, took to Facebook to vent:

Not me ordering from Cisco Brewers on GotChew and not paying attention. I ordered 1 shrimp, legit 1 shrimp. I thought it was one order of shrimp. That's what I get for not reading, but also who got this order and didn't think to question it? They sent me one whole shrimp on ice. A+ for packaging. 45 min wait for dinner and I ordered one shrimp. What is wrong with me?

Gonsalves is in no way attacking GotChew or Cisco. She looks at this bizarre situation as a lesson learned for future ordering.

Here is how Gonsalves' order screen appeared:

GotChew/ Canva
GotChew/ Canva

I can almost see myself doing the same thing, but someone familiar with current seafood market prices would likely pick up on it immediately.

"This isn't the first time something like this has happened -- that's the worst part," Gonsalves said. "The last time, I had a million things of food delivered that wasn't mine. I was on a diet and they said to keep all the food. I was wrecked."

We all make mistakes in life. The best we can do is learn from them and laugh.

In lighter news, Gonsalves agreed to this embarrassing interview if I gave her youth program, Southcoast Shipwreckers Junior Roller Derby, a little plug.

"At least if they laugh at me they can help me out," Gonsalves said. "We're always accepting used skate gear in all sizes including helmets, quad skates and safety pads."

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