Dunkin' debuted bags of its Sweet Black Pepper bacon as a snack this week, but the reviews have been mixed.

My husband probably eats Sweet Black Pepper breakfast sandwiches way more than he should, but when I asked him if he'd want the bacon alone as a snack, he wasn't that into it.


He doesn't think it will be crispy enough.

Admittedly we are people who like insanely crispy bacon. I tend to order it as "extra dead" when going out for breakfast. So I can understand his questioning the Dunkin' bacon crisp factor.

But flavor-wise, we are all in.

Courtesy of Dunkin
Courtesy of Dunkin

The Sweet Black Pepper bacon snack is eight half-slices (four full slices) of natural cherrywood smoked bacon coated with Dunkin's sweet and savory blend of brown sugar and black pepper seasoning.

It's savory, it's sweet and it can now be your afternoon snack.

They suggest pairing it with an iced coffee and I've got to admit, that sounds delicious.

But can you ask for your Dunkin' snack bacon extra crispy?

I'd need them to really cook it up if I was going to chow down on bacon alone.

So how about you? Would Dunkin's Sweet Black Pepper Bacon be an afternoon snack you'd go for?

In other exciting Dunkin' news, the beloved Irish Creme coffee is returning this weekend (or may even be at your favorite Dunkin' right now).

That means Irish Creme will be around for you to enjoy for St Patrick's Day hot, iced or frozen. But not much longer.

Maybe pair it with the new bacon snack?

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