Born and raised right here on the SouthCoast, I definitely have a handful of memories from the legendary Hot Wheels rollerskating rink.

I'm sure just about anyone who reads this will reminisce about the times they had at Hot Wheels. The countless birthday parties, backward skates, and feather-blowing contests – what would my childhood be without all of them?

Well ever since Hot Wheels closed, and more recently Carousel in Fairhaven, there isn't really any place like it in the area.

The famous Hot Wheels building is up for sale and there is someone who wants to buy the building and get it back up and open for our area kids to have a safe place to meet friends and make memories just as we did. His name is Kenneth Nelson and he has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money to finance the reopening.

While I truly love the memories I made at Hot Wheels, times have changed. Will kids want to go to a newly-reopened Hot Wheels? If we wanted a skating rink open for a safe place for kids to meet, why didn't we save Carousel when it was up for sale?

I hate to say it but I feel roller skating rinks are like movie theaters, slowly disappearing as people are finding new ways to entertain themselves. I see countless people skating down bike paths, so I wonder if they're looking for a roller rink. But then again, roller derby is a big thing, too, so maybe rinks are still viable.

So does Kenneth have something here? Does the SouthCoast want and need their loved skating rink back?

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