New studies suggest that if your toddlers went undisciplined and were not taught the early lessons of respect that they would then become spoiled teenagers and eventually entitled twenty-somethings. Would you agree?

I came across this great article online at explaining in detail how most young adults who weren't disciplined as toddlers, kids and teens are only hurt by it when they become adults, and I agree with this idea 100 percent.

I've seen it firsthand with family and friends and just pray to God my husband and I are doing even 50 percent of the job in this department with our own two kids.

When my boys were small little toddlers, I remember the conversations my husband and I would have about teaching them right from wrong, the consequence for decisions and actions, and always how they would learn from a potential "mistake" or poor choice. I use those words lightly, as little babies and young toddlers don't know right from wrong really, but it was our job to teach them.

Christine Fox/Townsquare Media
Christine Fox/Townsquare Media

I've seen firsthand what happens when a young toddler isn't disciplined or redirected with a better choice. By that, I mean something like trying to calmly teach your young toddler to share a toy with a playdate friend. And not sit and watch he or she throw a fit and selfishly "not share" and get away with that behavior scot-free and without consequence. That young toddler isn't being taught how to interact well with other humans. And what happens next would take a book's worth of pages.

One thing to remember, as I remember my parents telling me when we were getting ready to start a family, is that you'll be doing your child a disservice by not teaching them discipline and holding them accountable for their actions. By instilling them with these principles, you'll only be helping them to become better humans and well-rounded adults someday.

This is taken right from the article I read and it really resonates: "But discipline is part of creating an integrated functional adult – it doesn't make you the bad guy. Children aren't damaged by discipline, they're damaged by cruelty. And it's not cruel to marry a behavior choice a child makes with a suitable consequence. I put Sophie in Think Time when she refuses to sit in the slippery tub when I have asked her to repeatedly, or not gotten out 10 minutes past when I said it was time, or deliberately not helped clean up a mess she made."

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