Police in Newport are warning hikers and bikers about someone intending to hurt them.

Newport police took to their Facebook page to warn the public about wires and cords found across popular trails at Miantonomi Memorial Park.

According to the post wires, strings and cords were found on several trails, reported to police and promptly removed.

The goal was clearly to harm or injure hikers and bikers with the wires and police say they are seeking the suspects.

I imagine this is the work of teenagers with no regard for those that could get hurt. Though in this day and age with the crazy things adults do it could be anyone.

I really don't understand the interest in deliberately hurting someone completely out of the blue.

Are these people even seeing the damage they do? Do these people then hide in the woods hoping to watch someone get hurt? Is it better or worse if they just leave pleased with themselves that someone could get hurt later?

It's disturbing either way and I certainly hope they catch whoever did it.

Anyone with information can call the department's non-emergency number of 401-847-1306 or message them on Facebook.

And if you are out hiking or biking this summer, be careful out there on the trails.

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