Two universal things I can get on board with are dogs and beer.

My college days were fond memories (that I can remember) of drinking Busch beer. For some reason, I feel as though it gets a bad rap for being a cheap beer, but I never had an issue with it. Great price, crisp cold taste – what more can you ask for in a beer?

I have to tip the brim of my cap to Busch Beer Company for helping out and coming up with a wonderful solution to one problem we have seen during this COVID-19 pandemic, and that's the fact that dogs in shelters are having trouble being adopted. People are being asked to stay at home, making it difficult to visit local animal shelters, hence the problem with adoption these days.

Busch Beer Company teamed up with MARS (Midwest Animal Rescue and Services), offering a temporary solution to help out the dogs, even if it is just for a short while. Anyone who fosters a dog from MARS from now until April 22 will receive a three-month supply of Busch Beer for free (approximately two beers per day, according to the beer company).

Although you'd only be fostering the dogs, you still have the opportunity to adopt to give the dog a permanent household to live in instead of a cage. It's been said that a furry companion is therapeutic during the COVID-19 crisis, so why not take this into consideration?

Free beer is a great bonus prize, but the love from an animal is far greater than any alcohol giveaway. All who are considering should do so with serious inquiries only.

Great job by the Busch Beer Company and to all companies who have been coming together to help make the world a better place to live in during such dire times.

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