Dr. Robert Baldwin is the Superintendent of Fairhaven Public Schools. He will become the President of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents on July 1, meaning he will have a voice in the complicated discussion about what to do this fall with Massachusetts students, teachers, and staff at public and private schools all across the Commonwealth.

"Schools cannot and will not look the same." — Dr. Robert Baldwin, President-elect of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

Baldwin understands that parents and kids alike are eager to know what the plan will be for the upcoming fall.

"People need an answer today," he said. "Everybody needs to know what's going to happen, but our understanding at the state level is that they're not ready to present anything until mid to late June."

We asked Dr. Baldwin straight out, do you think there will be learning happening this fall in actual school buildings?

"If you held my hand to the fire, I would say that we have to find a way," he said. "We can't continue what we're doing. We have to find a way where we are socially distanced. We have to find a way with PPE. We have to find a way to keep it safe."

What a time to become president of an organization like this. I couldn't imagine having to make these types of decisions. There are really no right answers, only answers that may be less wrong.

Only one thing is for certain: no matter what decision is eventually made, vocal members of the public are sure to second guess it.

Can Baldwin see athletics, the arts, clubs, and other after school activities resuming this fall?  Listen to the full interview here:

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