Grab your loved ones, open the hatch of your fallout shelter, and hunker down.

Jokes aside, this coronavirus outbreak is putting the world in a choke-hold and couldn't care less about your actual uncle – never mind you saying it.

So with a statewide quarantine and curfew seemingly on the brink, what are we to do to pass the time?

Many of you are ahead of the game and have been binging something long before the words "corona" and "virus" were smashed into one soul-sucking word. Stand up comedy specials, superhero shows, maybe a rom-com.

Even recent Netflix addition Space Jam could hold down some of the most devout NBA fans.

But perhaps we can watch movies that hit a little closer to home right now...

Disaster movies!

"But Tyler, why would I watch a movie about a made-up disaster when we are living through what feels like our own disaster movie right now?"

Because the movies always make disasters seem WAY worse than real life, that's why!

As bad as the COVID-19 coronavirus has been so far, at least we don't have to deal with a virus that turns people into zombies (I Am Legend), or parasitic aliens that take over human bodies (The Thing). We may have temporary toilet paper shortages but all of New York City being underwater is Jake Gyllenhaal's battle, not ours (The Day After Tomorrow).

Disaster movies can put our current situation into perspective, distract us, or maybe even give us a good laugh with how ridiculous some scenes can be. And the moral to most of these movies is that we can overcome anything if we as people stick together.

So lets all kick back and watch a good "sky is falling' movie" and be thankful that even though times seem tough right now, at least they aren't anywhere close to as bad as what Hollywood makes disasters out to be.

What are some of your favorite disaster movies?

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