Obviously, the kids will need other means of transportation, of course, and that's extremely troubling for most parents, we know that already.

In Providence, this strike could be a lot closer to reality than a falsehood, as the bus drivers are threatening a strike sooner rather than later. The union that represents about 100 of these bus drivers recently voted down a new contract offer from the private company that oversees student transportation to the tune of 78-2 (WPRI). The main cause of this? The new agreement insists that they are forced to join the New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Fund, which is extremely underfunded, so why would they to be honest?

My biggest worry is could something like this ever happen even close to the Southcoast seeing Providence isn't exactly too far away? Perhaps more this serves as a friendly reminder to not upset the people responsible for getting kids to and from school every day.

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