The holidays are all about family traditions, but some of them are pretty out there.

I've never really given my family traditions a second thought until I started telling some people what they are and got some weird looks back. They might feel super normal to us but CRAZY to others. Here's a couple of mine that apparently are a little odd.

1). Too Much Christmas Vacation

Sometimes families have a tradition of watching a certain movie during the holidays. Some are big on watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles around Thanksgiving and some are big on  Elf, or Rudolph or Frosty the snowman at Christmas. Well my family is all about Christmas Vacation with the Griswolds. Nothing really strange there except we watch it about 20 times during the 25 days of Christmas. Why? I have no idea. It basically LIVES on the TV during Christmastime. The movie is hilarious but I've seen it probably about 500 times in my lifetime and that's about enough.

2). Jewish Christmas?

While we decorate for Christmas every year we always play a Neil Diamond Christmas album, mainly because for a while it was just the only Christmas album we had. It wasn't until years later I found out that Neil was Jewish. One of my Jewish friends told me and was like "Wait, Neil Diamond made a Christmas Album? That means your Christmas tradition is to listen to a Jewish guy sing you Christmas songs?" Well.... I guess that IS our Christmas tradition and it's fantastic!

3) Date Night Movie... By Myself

Speaking of Christmas movies... Love Actually is King (take your judgement some place else). Every year since the first time I saw it, on Christmas Eve I would watch Love Actually... alone. I would literally wait for everyone to go to bed and put it on and enjoy every second of the ridiculously simple comedy and romance. Like, who stands outside their best friend's house confessing their love to their friend's wife? NO ONE, but I still love it, so back off!

Those are just the tip of the iceberg for some of my silly Christmas traditions, but I don't want you to know how ridiculous me and my family REALLY are.

What are some of the silly holiday things you and your family do?


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