You have a chance to become a NASA astronaut, movie-going hacks to make your next date night even better and Rebel Wilson explains her beef with the Jenner sisters.

earth and mars - NASA
NASA / Facebook

As NASA is set to release details of their investigation on Mars today, they are also announcing that they’re hiring! The will begin recruiting for the next class of astronauts to prepare for further manned missions to Mars. They will be accepting applications from mid-December to mid-February.

It’s not a secret that going out for a night at the movies can be a little pricey but we have some hacks to make your experience even better. There are a few really cool apps that you can use like one called CineMode which rewards you if you don’t touch your phone through the whole movie. If you see a lot of movies, there’s also a service called MoviePass that allows you to see as many movies you want at participating theaters for $30 bucks a month.

In a recent interview, Wilson claims that she was asked by MTV to present an award alongside Kylie and Kendell Jenner and she turned them down. And the reason is pretty great – she says that while she doesn’t personally hate them, she’s against everything they stand for as they aren’t famous for talent and that Rebel herself worked super hard to get to where she is.

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