See what $1,000 rent can get you in other parts of the country, what states are most likely to fight on Black Friday and why millenials are subject to the most cybercrime.

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If You’re Renting an Apartment or House, You’re Going to Want to See What $1,000 Gets You in Other Parts of the Country

Seriously – we know we live in an expensive part of the country but seeing the difference in what $1,000 gets you in New York versus what it can get you in North Carolina (aka the 1 of 2 bedroom apartment shown above for $1,200 a month) and Nashville is astounding. We’re talking the difference between a futon IN A CLOSET as a bedroom to a full 1,000 square foot house with multiple bedrooms….

Millennials and Young Adults are the Most Tech-Savvy Generation…But Also the Most Likely to Fall Victim to Cyber Crime

According to the Norton Cybersecurity Reports, while millenials know the most about cyber security, they are the most likely to be victims of a cyber crime. Like identity theft or credit card theft. Norton claims this is because the younger generations have so many devices set up to make purchases fast and easy – meaning their personal information and credit card or bank accounts are readily available to hackers. They also have a higher tendency of sharing passwords than older generations.

GOOD NEWS! Massachusetts is One of the States in the Country LEAST Likely to Brawl on Black Friday

Which honestly kind of surprised me….We can be a scrappy bunch here in New England. But according to Estately, Massachusetts is one of the 9 states in the nation with the least chance of seeing fights during the Black Friday madness. In fact, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut are also on the lowest end of the fight spectrum. The number one state most likely to fight? Arkansas.