Find out who out of your friends "Likes" Donald Trump, Walmart introduces Walmart Pay and United Airlines flies pediatric patients to the North Pole!

Sean Rayford / Getty Images

Whether you are pro-Trump or against him, you may want to know who of your friends feel the same way. There’s now a website that lets you find out. essentially takes Facebook’s tool of filtering who on your friend’s list has “liked” Donald Trump’s page and makes it easier to pin-point who has "Liked" his page.

Despite Walmart being the world’s biggest retail giant, it has refused to adopt Apple Pays convenient pay form which allows app users to pay directly from their phone. Instead, they have added Walmart Pay to the Walmart app which allows those users to connect their card to the Walmart app similarly to connecting your card to Apple Pay.

United Airlines has paired with two hospitals in New York and sent 40 of their children patients on a fantasy flight to the North Pole! They were all given passports and entered onto a plane through a terminal that was completely decorated for Christmas. When they arrived in the “North Pole”, which was another terminal completely decked out in New Jersey, Santa was waiting for them.