It amazes me how uneducated some people are when it comes to the rules of the road.

Whether you're a fairly new driver or someone who has had their license to drive for quite some time, this little pet peeve of mine has to be discussed.

If you're from the Dartmouth or Westport area and often travel on route 6 near Reed Road, then chances are, you've heard of the pesky situation that has been "driving people nuts" (pun intended).

If you are heading westbound on Route 6 in Dartmouth, right before you cross over to the Westport line, you'll notice at the set of lights on the right-hand side a horizontal row of white lines in the breakdown lane leading up to Reed Road.

For years, cars would scoot ahead in that right lane that is primarily a breakdown lane just to take a faster right onto Reed Road.

Nowhere in that lane was there ever an arrow directing traffic to the right, but commuters would take advantage of it regardless.

That's not how this works, people.

If you're planning on turning right onto Reed Road from Route 6, then what you have to do is simply wait patiently in the right-hand lane of the road (not the breakdown lane) and work your way up until it's your turn to make that right.

You would think that painted lines would help fix this problem, but you'll be amazed at how ignorant people can be.

Please just know that if you're still doing this, then you're part of the problem and should be ashamed of yourself. Follow the rules. I said what I had to say.


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