Fairhaven - MA

All I've been hearing recently is how exhausted everyone is from being run down being it's that time of year (I often hear it's the weather but never believed it).

We all know getting quality sleep at the end of the day is an essential part of a students success in school, article after article, study after study, there should be no question this would help students enhance their learning abilities.

So, that leaves on major question, what would life be like if school started at 9AM on the southcoast?

From a health standpoint, obviously the average time sleeping for students would go up, and another possibility, breakfast goes up. The more time kids have in the morning, the less the "I didn't have time to eat breakfast" excuse comes along.

From an extracurricular perspective, after school activities would definitely get out later, I would assume around 7PM seeing school would end around 4PM.

Would grades improve, would dropout rates go down, would The Michael Rock Show start at perhaps 7AM (my 6AM people will scream blasphemy at the very thought), but until any school on the southcoast decides to make a move, we may never know.


Image via: Taringa.net

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