As we were wrapping up the show for the weekend, I was telling Christine that I was amazed that I actually had no plans at all. While having nothing to do all weekend long sounds like a good thing, this is when my wife will dream up awful chores and things to do around the house that are awful. I don't want to spend my weekend doing yard work or painting cabinets in the kitchen (her latest project).

Christine joked that I'll go to Crossfit twice this weekend, then hang out at the gym after I'm done working out.

"Then, you'll stop into Lydia's Bakery on the way home, ANYTHING to stay out of the house," joked Christine.

After the passing mention of Lydia's on the air, we got a few calls letting us know some bad news. According to a number of callers into Fun 107, apparently, Lydia's Bakery has shut down.

Christine and I were both in disbelief. I feel like I was just in there a couple of weeks ago, but the callers told us that they have been closed for a good, solid month.

How could this be??? How did I not notice that Lydia's has been closed? I haven't even heard anyone talking about that! Does anyone know what happened?

I tried calling over to Lydia's. I was hoping there was some mistake, or they closed the bakery to take a trip to the Azores. No such luck. The phone had been disconnected. Not a good sign.

I guess I'll be getting my Easter pops up the street at Holiday Bakery.

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