Christmas is right around the corner and if your family is like mine, there are certain traditions that are followed every year.

No matter how old I get, some traditional holiday happenings still need to happen.

Like eating cinnamon buns on Christmas morning while opening gifts.

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It felt the the only time my mother would make cinnamon buns (though I'm sure it wasn't), so something about eating them around the tree while ripping wrapping paper off packages makes it feel a little more like Christmas even to this day.

Opening stockings first.

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Most years my sister and I would wake up insanely early and to grab a few extra minutes of sleep, my mom would tell us we could go down and open our stockings. So digging into the stocking first has become a tradition that we still uphold in my own house year after year.

Oranges and toothbrushes in those stockings.

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Another tradition my mom got me into is putting an orange in the toe of everyone's stocking. She always did it to hold the shape I'm sure, but it became something we looked forward to as kids, just cause we knew it would be there.

Also always there was a toothbrush. I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones who do this, but I've definitely kept this tradition from my youth going in adulthood too.

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So what are your family traditions? What things big or small just make the holiday feel right to you?