Wet Nose Wednesday is here again, so let's talk animals.

There are hundreds of animals on the SouthCoast that are living in shelters, patiently waiting to be chosen by the perfect family. On Wet Nose Wednesday, it is our goal to share their stories in hopes the right family will fall in love.

This week, a dog named Chicken gets the spotlight.

Chicken is a 1-year-old, 55-pound mixed breed that is living at Lighthouse Animal Shelter in New Bedford, and he's all about adventures. He's an athletic and active pup that loves to play. Rope toys are his favorite, but he's not picky. As long as you play with him, Chicken is happy.

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"Once he’s played for awhile, he will settle down, plop in your lap, and give kisses," said the shelter.

Chicken knows how to sit, but he will need further obedience training, so the shelter recommends older children in the household.

And training won't be tough. He is food motivated and eager to please.

Chicken hasn't met cats yet and his only exposure to dogs was prior to his time at Lighthouse, but if his loving personality proves anything, he would come around to any situation with a little patience.

Does Chicken sound like a good fit for you and your family? Contact Lighthouse Animal Shelter and schedule a play date today.

Lighthouse Animal Shelter

596 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, MA


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