Westport will be voting on whether or not to build a 98 million dollar school in town. The new school would house grades five through 12 in separate areas of the campus.

It would be located close to the elementary school on Old Town Road. The old school would be demolished if residents approve the new building.

The school's cost rounds to roughly $98 million, but the town residents will only be responsible for about 60% of that cost.

The new building is set to be constructed in the shape of a dragonfly and will feature a new library, and will be placed adjacent to the elementary school, creating one unified campus which allows all of the districts' kids to be educated in the same area.

The polls will be open for voting on the school project today from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Proponents are stressing the urgency that if voters don’t vote yes, they will lose out on a state grant (MSBA) that will cover 40% of costs worth $38.1 million. If they don’t win, that deal will be gone forever, meaning that voting no means spending more money in the long run. $58 million today or $158 million tomorrow if they lose the vote.

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza and Madisyn Bozarth

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