Nothing says "feel-good Friday" better than a nice high five. Schools in Westport, New Bedford and elsewhere are celebrating the right way.

The Westport Police Department visited Westport Community Schools Friday to give the students high fives as they headed inside.

Police started the day at Macomber, Westport Elementary and Westport Middle-High schools and the students seemed to love it.

"We had just as much fun as the students," police officer David Simcoe said on Facebook.

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Felicia Pacheco, registrar and social media administrator for town schools, said:

"The school resource officer Scott N. Davis along with the Westport Police Department and Superintendent Thomas F Aubin collaborated together as the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association has recently designated Friday, April 29, 'Police & Kids High Five Friday 2022.'"

Police in New Bedford also spread the positive energy Friday, high-fiving students at elementary schools around the city.

They really have a day for anything now but I think this is a day we all need.

Without taking any shine away from these young kids, can we get a high five day at our offices? It would be nice to meet our brave police officers outside of getting pulled over for a moving violation.

High fives communicate so much, all of it positive. When someone raises their hand to yours, they're encouraging you. They're saying, "Keep going. You've got this."

If you are at the office reading this or just sitting in your living room, take a second today and high-five someone. A simple action can change a day.

If you don't have someone else to high five, give one to yourself. You deserve it.

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