Westport High School students worked alongside the Westport River Watershed Alliance recently to construct a path with purpose.

Think back to the science classes you were required to take in school and how the hands-on part of every lesson was the best.

The Earth Science and Ecology students over at Westport High got that kind of experience in constructing a path through the alliance's pollinator habitat at its Old County Road headquarters.

Students learned why these paths are important.

Westport Community Schools Facebook
Westport Community Schools Facebook
I reached out to the Westport High School principal, Dr. Kerri Mckinnon to find out what these students actually constructed and why it was so important.
"Students learned about what the Westport River Watershed does to help support and sustain local ecosystem health," Westport High Principal Dr. Kerri McKinnon said. "Students were educated on how to utilize various instruments and tools the watershed uses for testing water quality in the river."
The students helped carve a path through the pollinator habitat near the head of the river "to ensure the community can enjoy the flowers and pollinators without damaging or disturbing the ecosystem and its inhabitants," McKinnon said.
The habitat helps filter out pollutants from entering the river via different species of plants.
Students also learned about salt marshes, wetlands and native species diversity in the river, according to the school -- all of this in addition to a visit to Roger Williams Park Zoo.
Such excursions give students a real-life look at the world that reaches far beyond the classroom.
Do you recall any field trips from grade school that opened your eyes to a whole passion?

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