Six-year-old Joshua Abrantes is giving a little back, in a big way.

On June 23 at 11:00 a.m., Abrantes plans to pass out donuts and refreshments to any police officer who will make their way to his stand at 50 Forge Road in Westport.

He had originally participated in Fun 107's Lemonade Day a little over a month ago, and decided to upgrade his stand. Black and blue paint now covers the original yellow stripes, as Joshua and his sister converted the booth to a law enforcement pit-stop.

Ever since he could walk, the future of becoming a police officer has always been the plan for Abrantes. Last year on his fifth birthday, his family turned his birthday into a police-themed party and since that day, he wears his police hat wherever he goes.

Before Abrantes begins pursuing his dreams, he decided he wants to give back to any cop who will visit him at his house. The road sits right behind Prestige Auto Mart off of Route 6, close to the Dartmouth line.

To all who are dressed in blue, if you have a shift on June 23, perhaps make your way over to Forge Road...You would most definitely make this little boy's day!

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