I don't like to complain about things that happen in the retail or service industry - because I was a waitress and it can be the worst - but someone else had something to say about the shoe section of Dartmouth's Target. 

Let me preface this by saying that I have yet to be in ANY Target that the shoe department hasn't been absolute mayhem. I don't think it's specific to Dartmouth's Target. But looking at the photo and Facebook post below, I have to agree this is pretty bad.

I honestly do not know, as human beings, how people can go into a store and just leave utter destruction in their wake like this. I don't fault the employees here. They are just the ones who get saddled having to clean this mess up at the end of the day. Or ten times a day. And sometimes, that's not feasible if there aren't enough staff. I mean we've seen the check out lines at Target.

Just looking at that photo gives me serious anxiety. Can we all agree, right here right now, that we shall not ever enter a shoe department of any store and leave it like this. Please. It is 2018. PUT THE SHOES BACK. DON'T TRASH ANY AISLE IN A STORE. YOUR MAMA TAUGHT YOU BETTER!


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