Tom Brady totally kept his cool while responding to the question from the press, but he clearly looked very upset.

So here's what happened: Brady made a guest appearance on Netflix's new comedy series, Living with Yourself, which debuted Friday. The quick clip of the show that is all over the internet shows Tom walking of a business called "Top Happy Spa."


The character played by Paul Rudd meets Tom as he pulls up and internally debates whether he wants to go in or not. Then the next thing, Tom walks out of the front door and asks Rudd's character, "First time?" Rudd says yes, and then asks the same to Brady. Tom then says, "Six." Then he gets into his vehicle and drives away.

This clearly has everyone wondering if Tom was knowingly poking fun at Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the whole prostitution case that's going on. As it turns out, the show's creator says Tom shot the scene after the Kraft case became public, but the scene was actually written years before. In the context of the show, the spa was a place where people can clone the best versions of themselves.

In this clip you'll hear a calm, cool and collected TB defending his part in all of this, calling it something that is being taken way out of context:

What do you think about Tom's cameo? Was it an intentional jab at his boss?

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