Since the end of last summer, residents from the Swifts Beach area of Wareham have been actively working to replace a very tired-looking playground in their neighborhood. Fundraising ideas from t-shirts, to dine out books, to cookbooks have been discussed.

The first step in a total renovation of the Swifts Beach playground took place on Friday morning when a bulldozer and a dump truck arrived on the scene. The trucks plowed down the existing playground equipment that had, as evidenced by the photos below, certainly seen better days.

Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

On the horizon will be an integrated playground that is designed for children of all abilities. These playgrounds have become more and more popular as more effort and awareness is being placed on making sure they are inclusive for all.

This means entryways onto the apparatus are wide enough to fit a wheelchair and include ramps that all of the children use to get up onto the structure. There's also enough room for wheelchairs to turn around and change direction.

Parents and grandparents also enjoy this type of accommodation because accessing the playground equipment is easier than traditional methods of climbing.

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While it took a while to come to fruition, Swifts Beach residents need to look no further than Dartmouth's brand new Apponagansett beach playground. While construction of the playground took some time, mostly because of contractors' limited availability during the pandemic, the wait certainly paid off.

That project began just after Labor Day 2020, and wrapped up prior to Memorial Day of 2021. While eight months is a good chunk of time, the finished product was certainly worth the wait.

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