Kaitlyn Sky Bishop of Wareham and her family were out to breakfast Wednesday morning when, to Bishop's surprise, someone paid for their entire meal.

We have heard pay-it-forward tales before, but this one comes with a heartbreaking backstory.

Bishop was with her two children, niece, nephew and her sister-in-law -- a  table of six out for breakfast at a Wareham staple, Cranberry Cottage on Marion Road.

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Bishop was told by her waitress that another couple in the restaurant had paid their entire bill.

The couple wasn't "paying it forward," however. They were honoring a lost loved one.

According to the waitress, the couple had lost their daughter about a year ago. Bishop's 2-year-old daughter Ella and 14-year-old niece Alexis apparently had reminded the patrons of their precious child.

"[I] think all of us were in shock," Bishop said when asked by Fun 107 how her family reacted to the kind act. "I was surprised-shocked since nothing like that has happened to me."

Bishop -- pictured with husband Robert, son Austin and her daughter -- said she had a chance to say a quick "thank you" to the couple and that they appeared to have been crying on their way out of the restaurant.

Upon further reflection, Bishop doesn't want to sit back and let the generosity be forgotten. On her Facebook, she asked the community to help find the couple.

"Not sure if today marks a year of losing their daughter or it was her birthday." Bishop wrote in her post. "My heartbreaks [sic] for them."

Bishop, a hairdresser in the area, said she wants to give this couple "a free day of beauty."

Many commenting on Bishop's Facebook post suggested she pay it forward the next time she goes out as a way to continue to honor the mystery couple's daughter. Some shared their experiences of losing their own children and finding ways to honor them.

In the meantime, Bishop hopes to find the couple responsible for brightening her day.

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