Massachusetts is home to so many different accents that it’s hard to keep up. The world is quick to point out a Boston accent, but it takes a true local to hear the difference between a person from New Bedford and a person from Plymouth.

A Wareham man decided to dive into the different accents, and after going viral for his interpretation of a person from Carver, 36-year-old Marc Mendes has since moved on to New Bedford and beyond.

Mendes grew up on the Middleboro/Carver line and always dreamed of being an actor or comedian. He loved to perform, and he loved to make people laugh. His father is a television and movie producer and being exposed to that world at a young age fueled his dream of being in front of the camera.

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Mendes now resides in Wareham and works in the audio-visual department at MIT. His walks to and from the train station gave him a lot of time to think.

“I have a lot of me-time,” Mendes joked.

He started doing impressions of different townies, and they quickly took off online.

“I did a Wareham video and got around 25,000 views. It just blew up,” he said.

His Carver video got close to 30,000.

His love of performing, his passion to make people laugh, and his years spent in the Bay State allowed Mendes to create videos that keep people coming for more.

“When (people) scroll through (social media), they see the ‘Massachusetts accent’ tag and want to hear and learn more,” said Mendes. “Everyone loves the Boston accent, but we’re not just Boston.”

So, what do you think? How did the man from Middleboro do? Stay tuned for more towns.

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