Miss Sam Terasconi is a high school math teacher at Wareham High School, and as a testament to her desire to go above and beyond for her students, she is January's Teacher of the Month.

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Here's what nominator Indiana Troupe had to say about Miss Terasconi:

“Miss T is by far the most deserving of this award. She is a high school math teacher that teaches everything from 8th Grade Math to AP Statistics. Miss T spends hundreds of dollars of her own money buying snacks and waters for her classroom - students will come in throughout the day who may need an extra snack or forgot to bring a water. Her classroom is by far one of the best decorated in the school. She has fairy string lights around the room, different math posters and memes hung up, a space on the white board dedicated to her senior's college acceptances, and a wall of pictures with other teachers and her students.


She is the teacher that students can go to for anything. If we have no friends at lunch, we can go to her room and eat with her. If we're having a bad day, we can go and tell her all about it and she'll help. If we're feeling sick, she'll give us cough drops and let us rest. In class, she is an incredible teacher. She knows when to help us on questions and when to step back and let us work independently. She truly cares about her students more than anything in the world. So much so that her first year at Wareham High, she signed up to be the advisor for the 8th grade class. Over the past five years, Miss T has planned fundraisers, prom, graduation, dances, and so much more. I have been honored to work very closely with her in my capacity of Class President and it has allowed me to form a very close bond with Miss T.


This year, she was informed that the National Honor Society was going to go without an advisor, so she stepped up along with another math teacher to be the advisor of National Honor Society. She is selfless, caring, and puts her students above everything else. She rarely misses school days unless she has to - in five years she has only missed a handful. She is a great person, a real friend to her students, but above all she is a fantastic teacher, which is a combination that is hard to come by.


Above all, she loves her seniors. She got her Senior Class Officers thoughtful Christmas gifts, threw a Christmas party for her advisory students, and has volunteered at countless senior events and other school events. In fact, she spent her birthday by visiting a Craft Fair being ran by her students just because she wanted to support us. She's been to our senior nights, she's been there when we need her, and she is so deserving of this award. All it would take is one class for you to realize how incredible Miss T is.”

Congratulations to Miss Terasconi for being Fun 107's SouthCoast Teacher of the Month. As the winner of this month’s award, she will receive a $200 Amazon gift card so she can continue to make her classroom a fun place to learn for all students.

A special thank you to our sponsors A&M Driving School, McDonald’s, Bay State Gymnastics Academy, First Citizens Federal Credit Union, and Prima Care for helping to make this classroom even better.

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