Picture it: a clear sky that is begging to become a jaw-dropping rainbow of colors come 7:30 p.m. You in your Ray Bans, your BFF beside you, and nothing but laughs as you watch the sun sink into the background of the picturesque Tihonet Pond in Wareham.

It’s funny because you are paddle-boating a giant yellow duck around 89 acres of water and it is way harder than you anticipated.

That’s what you can sign up for this summer if you feel like a swan or duck paddle boat trip is what your summer bucket list is missing.

For a short while, you could rent swan boats at Buttonwood Park Pond, and Roger Williams Park always has a few swans available to rent out for a first date. But giant yellow paddle-ducks are hard to come by in these parts.

Enter Nemasket Kayak Shop, which has been renting out faux fowl since 2017.

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What’s even more fascinating is that this fun-for-the-whole-family activity is the real deal because they let you bring your pets onboard too, making it the ultimate family activity. If you’ve ever been on a paddle boat, I'm sure you are wondering where on Earth a dog would sit; I know I am.

Actually, if you’ve ever been on a paddle boat as a single adult with a small child because it sounded like a totally fun idea, you’re probably wondering how much fun it can really be after five minutes of paddling all on your own while your kid complains they can’t reach the pedals. Just because it's a giant yellow duck doesn’t mean it erases all of the hard parts about pulling off an activity that looks easy on Instagram.

But nevertheless, if riding in a giant yellow duck is on your bucket list, there’s no better place to do it than on a quiet pond where you can’t run aground or get swept out to sea.

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