You know how one bad egg can ruin the whole pack? The same applies to courteous and not-so-courteous dog owners. One dog’s bathroom break on a new public dock in Wareham has become a prime example as to why dogs are not allowed in certain places, specifically public beaches.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources shared a video Thursday afternoon of a woman and her dog entering a dock for what seemed like an innocent stroll. Moments later, the dog decides to relieve itself in the middle of the dock. The owner and the dog continue their stroll and the owner never took the initiative to clean up the “gift” that her dog left behind.

“We are often the first to hear the public’s frustration as to why the town does not allow dogs on the beach and this video is a prime example as to why it’s not allowed,” wrote the Wareham Department of Natural Resources. “The careless dog owner allowed their dog to poop on our new $375,000 dock system and proceeded to leave it without cleaning it! If it can be done a public dock, it will happen on a public beach.”

That’s an expensive bathroom break.

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The department made it clear that the footage is being reviewed in an attempt to identify the dog owner to administer a fine.

It’s extremely frustrating to watch one careless owner ruin it for every other dog owner in Wareham. Not all dog owners would allow this to happen, and one resident wanted to make that clear to the department.

Jenny Cipriani wrote, “Please don’t vilify an entire demographic because of individuals like this. Many (dog owners) go above and beyond cleaning up after ourselves, our pets and others. I agree people like this ruin it for responsible people, but to blanket blame all dog owners is a bit much.”

The department responded by reiterating how one bad apple spoils the bunch. Unfortunately, one careless act caught on camera is enough to keep rules like “No Dogs Allowed” in place.

Everyone poops, but if you’re a dog owner, be prepared to pick it up.

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