No denying this upcoming Jennifer Lopez show at the Xfinity Center is going to be incredible, and when I found out we had tickets to give away, I freaked. This is going to be an awesome show.

As you can see I was super lucky to get to meet her at one of her shows a few years back. She looks as perfect in person as you would think. In case you haven't been able to get to her residency in Vegas, she is bringing the show to us!

She was pretty short, I will say, considering I'm only 5'6 and she was shorter than that!
Just imagine, you seeing J.Lo in person. It would be an awesome excuse to maybe call out of work on Monday and get yourself a long weekend. Or maybe finally have that date night with your love. I have a feeling, ladies, you won't have to twist his arm to go to a J.Lo concert. I could be wrong.

Just make sure you have the FUN 107 app downloaded to your smartphone and be on the lookout for an app alert to tell you when to call in. We'll also give you my "J.Lo Code of the Day." Caller 7 scores a pair of tickets to the show at Xfinity Center on Monday, July 15 if you know the code!

Just trying to make this the most epic summer possible for you.

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