Nope, you didn't read that wrong. You can get a crib discount by peeing on an Ikea advertisement in a magazine.

It sounds super strange, but Swedish agency Åkestam Holst has made one of the most intriguing ads you may ever come across.

One of Sweden's most influential women's magazine's, Amelia, is going to be running the ad that can actually tell a woman if she is pregnant.

Apparently the ad agency teamed up with Mercene Labs to create an ad that works like a pregnancy test.

When a woman who is pregnant pees on the ad, the discount price on the Sundvik crib is revealed.

It just might be the craziest way to get a discount on something ever, but I imagine a lot of women are going to want to pee on this ad. Not even to get the discount, but just to check out how it works!

I mean I might give it a shot. Especially for women who really do want to know if they're pregnant...kind of a fun way to find out if you ask me.

And if you want all the technical details on how the strip works (you know, the science stuff), you can check out Adweek's full article.

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