There's absolutely no way I'm the only one that didn't realize the Home Run Derby was last night and the All-Star game is tonight...right?

I know we all call baseball "The Great American Pastime," but lately it feels more like the sports off-season. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Sox. Plus, they're having a phenomenal season this year.

The problem is that baseball just doesn't have the same mass appeal it used to. It's slow. It's dull. I mean, I'm not trying to spend every single day during the summer watching a guy walk around the mound and rub a ball for 10 minutes before the action starts again. It's brutal.

Because of that, I haven't really been paying to much attention to baseball. Most people I know haven't been paying much attention, either. I've kept up with the standings and some stats, but I'm not propped in front of the TV keeping up with it. It was a surprise to me when I heard about someone winning the Home Run Derby last night, considering I had no idea it was even happening.

Either way, in case you're a fool like me and totally missed this, here's your reminder:



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