Valentine’s Day dates can be full of pressure, especially if your relationship is new – but just because you’re not planning to spend a night by candlelight staring into someone’s eyes doesn’t mean you have to stay home all alone.

Lots of sites suggest planning yourself a singles day, where you take yourself to the spa, have some retail therapy or just hang out with friends-type stuff. Does being single on Valentine's Day mean you have to skip any type of dating experience for the entire weekend, though?

Personally, I think if you are open to a fun, low-pressure date night and the person joining you on the date is too, then go for it. Head out for a night on the town and just have fun.

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Skip the fireside dining locations and flower shops for sure, but don't stay home altogether. Where's the fun in that? At this time of year, when the weather could keep you cooped up inside at any moment, wasting a weekend home just because it is Valentine's Day weekend is silly.

Instead, have a goofy date night. Do something cheesy and fun, not sappy and romantic. Replace candlelight with blacklights and go play laser tag for a few hours. Trade wine and chocolates for beer and nachos at the bowling alley. Avoid the sultry love songs and belt out your own ballads for karaoke night.

There are plenty of spots on the SouthCoast where date night doesn't have to be so romantic. These could be the perfect places to spend Valentine's Day weekend having fun, regardless of your relationship status.

Have Fun and Be Flirty With These Low-Pressure Date Ideas

Not every date has to be the most romantic, stare-deeply-into-each-others-eyes date ever. Sometimes you just want to have some fun and get to know each other. So when you want to keep things casual and have a good time, these local date options may be the way to go.

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