Whether you just started dating or have been together for a while now, Valentine's Day gifts are still hard to figure out. I found this great article in Men's Fitness with a list of what to get your honey this Valentine's Day according to how long you've been together.  Check it out!

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    First 3 Months

    This is easy, candy and flowers. ESPECIALLY long-stem roses.

  • Jonathan Leibson
    Jonathan Leibson

    3-6 months

    You're finally telling people you have a girlfriend! Now still get her the flowers and candy but also buy her a nice dinner too.

  • Randy Shropshire
    Randy Shropshire

    6 months to two years

    Look at you, you've made it this long and have even met her family! Way to go you! Now you have to step up EVERYTHING. Get her everything I've mentioned before PLUS a thoughtful gift like tickets to her favorite band, a complete box set of her favorite tv show, some nice champagne, etc.

  • 4

    Two years to forever

    You two finally don't care about your appearances anymore, you say "we" instead of "I", you've learned she'll always be right, etc. Now for Valentines Day, don't ask her what she wants, she wants everything you've gotten her past Valentine's Day's but even bigger and better! Lay out those rose petals, you can finally get her jewelry and have her not think you're proposing, and watch a nice rom-com marathon.

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