These days, it's hard to find the motivation to go back to college to further your education, but I think I just may have found some inspiration.

Over the past summer and all throughout the quarantine era of 2020, UMass Dartmouth received a little facelift throughout the campus, one project being the dining hall.

Now, it's been 15 years since I stepped foot inside of the university, and I left after the first year to pursue my education up in Vermont. I wish I would have known about this little gem of a life hack when I was still there.

According to an inside informant who attends UMD, there's a cheap way to eat hefty and in abundance at the school, for the low price of just $5.89.

There's a transitioning period between breakfast and lunchtime at 10 a.m., and instead of wasting the leftover breakfast, you can pay $5.89 and go in and – I quote from my source –  that it's "as much as you can carry."

Essentially, you pay first, then you go to town.

Photo Courtesy of Kyle DeSousa
Contributed Photo

Everything shown in the photo above was included:

  • Eggs, pancakes and home fries with maple syrup and ketchup for condiments.
  • Two slices of veggie pizza
  • Cookies
  • Soup
  • Orange juice
  • Seltzer water

Now, it's mostly breakfast foods that will be served, but at the time of this purchase, they had already put out pizza and soup included with the low price of only $5.89. Below is a receipt as proof of purchase:

Photo Courtesy of Kyle DeSousa
Contributed Photo

Again, this is only offered to students who attend UMass Dartmouth, so please do not use this to your advantage if you're not a student.

Everyone else, bon appetite.

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