Stop by two our favorite Downtown NB spots and double-up your feel-good power by donating while you shop locally. 

For the second year in a row, Finest Hour Athletics and Purchase Street Records are holding a friendly competition to see who can raise the most pet supplies for Lighthouse Animal Shelter and the Fairhaven Animal Shelter.

Last year, the shop owners Shaun Monteiro (Finest Hour) and Roger Chouinard (Purchase Street Records) made a bet that whoever lost had to wear an ugly sweater and the winner got to hold bragging rights for the entire next year. Between the two shops, they delivered over two truckloads of supplies to the shelters at the end of last year. Roger and Purchase Street Records were the winner last year, so Shaun had to rock this amazing cat sweatshirt:

PSR / FHA | Facebook
PSR / FHA | Facebook

This year, they hope to double their donations (while keeping the ugly sweater and bragging rights bet going) so they're asking anyone who might stop in to shop to bring cat and dog food, cleaning products, blankets, or toys in to donate.

Finest Hour is located at 763 Purchase St. and Purchase Street Records is virtually next door at 767. So do a double-whammy of good this holiday shopping season by shopping small AND helping out some furry friends.

P.S. - Shaun almost looks like he can wear the kitty sweater on a normal day and pull it off. It's Roger's turn.

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