The catchiest kids' song ever is being turned into an animated Nickelodeon children's series.

If you were to say 'Baby Shark' out loud right now, someone near you is going to reply 'doo doo doo doo doo doo.'

It is the ear-worm song that parents and kids (and even adults without kids) know by heart and have probably watched on YouTube hundreds of times.

And that is exactly why Nickelodeon is cashing in on this shark sensation.

The viral video from Pinkfong has over 2.8 billion views and is one of the top-ten most watched videos ever on YouTube.

If you've somehow never seen it, well here you go...

And now we'll all be singing this all day long.

And once your kids are watching it on Nickelodeon, you'll be hearing it every day.

Oh joy.

The show obviously will be all about Baby Shark and the underwater adventures he gets into every day, but the show specifics remain to be seen.

Also no word on if the voices from the Pinkfong video will end up being the voices of the actual characters.

But I think we all definitely know what the theme song will be.

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