This isn't a new issue; ever since this pandemic began the trash has been piling up week after week at our house. Yours too?

There's no denying that with being home more, we have been producing more trash, mostly from all the packages we have been getting delivered to our home. It's adding up and I can't be the only one wondering where to put all of this trash every week since our city only provided us with one garbage barrel.

Should I be calling ABC Disposal? They are the ones who pick up our trash. We are thinking of just buying another barrel and putting it on the curb in hopes that they would pick up both.

I did make a phone call because I was curious. What do you do when you have more trash than what you think is allowed?

Here is some direction important information I got from ABC Disposal, which has the contracts for a majority of the trash collection on the SouthCoast.

The contracts are held by each town or city and they don't have additional trash to be picked up outside the carts (barrels) they were issued for trash and recycling.

Their specific collection vehicles that are utilized (for the most part) for these contracts are not designed to service non-cart containers.

So what do you do if you have or need more than one cart? What if you have the same problem we are with overflowing trash? ABC Disposal said that we must go through our city or town to get additional carts and that you can get additional information on how to obtain them on your municipality's website.

If you happen to live in a community that holds a private disposal contract, that is when you would reach out to the disposal company directly to get an additional cart, and likely additional costs would be incurred.

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