With my wedding less than a week away, it seems like everyone is asking me if I'm excited. And though I am definitely excited about the big day, I think I may have reached that point in planning where something else is a little more anticipated.

The honeymoon!

After the months of planning, prepping and paying, I think my wedding day will be amazing. But with all the last minute questions and stresses of the past few weeks, the week long vacation where me and my new husband will get to just hang out together, sleep in, veg out and otherwise try not to make any decisions is going to be much needed!

So if you are still in the wedding planning process yourself and looking for where to head to first enjoy your wedded bliss, here are some hot spots for honeymoons

  • Joe Raedle/Getty Images
    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Walt Disney World

    No big shocker here. I think every time I've been to Disney I've seen couples with their groom and bride mouse ears. And what's not to love about Disney? It's fun, there's plenty to see and do and if you're starting a family after the wedding, it may be a while before you can come back. So Disney is definitely a hot spot for Honeymooners.

  • Sean Gallup/Getty Images
    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Florence, Italy

    If you need more world traveling than Epcot and are looking for a super romantic honeymoon, many couples have chosen Florence, Italy. You can hold hands and check out the centuries old buildings, take a romantic boat ride on the Arno River or see the world's most important collection of Renaissance art at The Galleria degli Uffizi. 

  • Scott Gries/Getty Images
    Scott Gries/Getty Images

    The Virgin Islands

    If you're a more laid back couple, looking to relax rather than sight see, then something more beachy may be up your alley. An area with lots to choose from are the Virgin Islands. Whether it's the US or British V.I., you got white sand and clear blue water everywhere you turn. And if laying in the sun gets a little slow, you can always scuba, kayak, snorkel, parasail and more!

  • Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom/Getty Images
    Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

    Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

    If sandy white beaches and warm sunshine aren't your thing, you can enjoy the beautiful view at Lake Louise. This is a perfect spot for snow bunnies to cuddle up in front of fires, go snowshoeing on fresh powder or take a romantic sleigh ride through the wilderness. The glacier fed lake is also a sight to see in the summer months as couples hike, canoe or horseback ride.

  • John Moore/Getty Images
    John Moore/Getty Images


    I know I should be more specific than that, but Mexico has some amazing resorts on both coastlines, many all inclusive. So if your perfect honeymoon is to hang out at the beach, have drinks at a swim up bar and walk to dinner every night, there is probably a resort with your name on it along the beaches of Mexico.

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