Tony Romo is the best color analyst in the National Football League.  It's not even close.

I just don't understand all the hatred from Patriots Nation on Tony Romo last night.

The guy was nothing less than jaw-dropping with his analysis of last night's AFC Championship game. Romo repeatedly and accurately called what each team was about to do—before they did it. Romo would recognize the Patriots' offensive formations and correctly predict what was about to play out on the screen.

This is particularly impressive during a game like the AFC Championship Game, where there are a lot of casual fans who might not watch football each week.

At one point, CBS play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz even joked and referred to Tony Romo as Nostradamus.

But instead of recognizing Romo's ability, so many of my friends were complaining online that Romo was favoring the Kansas City Chiefs. I just don't comprehend what game they were watching. Romo was fawning all over Tom Brady to the point of fanboy status. Patriots fans complained that Romo was "cheering" for the Chiefs. Again, I just didn't hear it.

Regardless, I maintain that Romo is the best football analyst on TV right now.

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