Apparently, Tom Brady has been watching James Holzhauer's epic Jeopardy run, too.

It's always nice to know you have something in common with the GOAT. And I guess watching James Holzhauer on Jeopardy is that thing.

Tom took to his fairly new Twitter account Monday night to place a little side bet on James' ability to win another game on the trivia show.

He tweeted that he would eat a strawberry live on Instagram if James lost his 23rd game.

That tweet was Monday, so clearly Brady did not have to eat that strawberry.

And though you might be thinking, A strawberry? Big deal! it is apparently a big deal to Tom.

He has famously never eaten a strawberry in his life and actually says he never wants to. In fact, his personal chef says he avoids fruit altogether, except bananas in his smoothies.

So weird, really, but the bet is delightful.

Of course, he didn't have to eat the strawberry, but James—true to his sports betting nature—tried to up the ante Tuesday night tweeting back another bet with a red fruit.

So far, that was the last exchange between the two, but who knows what they could bet next?

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