Every once in a while, Tom Brady will hop on his Facebook Story and have some Q&A with his devoted fans. And yesterday was one of those days. Who was the fan, you ask?

Of course, I am still sitting over here waiting for the final word that Tom is staying put in New England after his Super Bowl Hulu ad where he put all of us (true fans, that is) at ease. I'm sure it'll be any day now. Tick tock.

I know they're no fools but it's nice to finally hear it from them. The Jonas Brothers have revealed why they always have their wives star in their music videos:

The JoBros' latest music video "What a Man Gotta Do" features Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas, also known as the "J-Sisters."

Oh, and side note; Nick Jonas and Priyanka want you to be part of their new Amazon Prime wedding show.

It's safe to say that the marriage of Nick and Priyanka was one of the more spectacular celebrity weddings in recent years. It was a three-day affair that included an Indian ceremony, a Christian ceremony, and many, many costume changes. But now, Nick and Priyanka want to highlight your wedding in a new show for Amazon Prime Video.

They are inviting fans to visit CastingEngagedCouples.com, where you'll submit your details in hopes of being selected for what's described as "a groundbreaking new television series that celebrates love, marriage and the magic that ensues when friends and family come together for an epic performance on the evening before your wedding."

Some of the biggest names in movies and television are remembering and praising screen legend Kirk Douglas, who died yesterday at 103 years young.

Kirk acted in more than 90 films. He was nominated for three Best Actor Oscars and was honored with a lifetime Academy Award. He gave this memorable speech after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award while recovering from a stroke.

Michael Douglas spoke out yesterday after the passing of his dad and said his father was an icon of Hollywood's Golden Age, but to him and his family, Kirk was a loving father, grandfather and husband. Michael noted that his father leaves behind a "legacy in film that will endure for generations to come."

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