Today's Seize The Deal with Wah May Chinese restaurant has a NO SELL OUT guarantee.

We've all been there. You've had your eye on a Seize The Deal all week long. It's 9 a.m. on Friday. You've got your credit card out. You are ready to rock and roll. You can already taste how great that meal is going to be. It's going to taste even better knowing that you bought a gift card for half price.

Then, you get the dreaded SOLD OUT screen. There's anger. There's hurt. You feel a little bit of deception. You develop trust issues.

I'm telling you, we know your pain and frustration with SOLD OUT Seize The Deals. That's why we're so excited to tell you that today's Seize The Deal with Wah May WILL NOT SELL OUT.

Buy as many as you want between now and midnight. They are guaranteed not to sell out today. It's not because there isn't a huge demand for Wah May Chinese food in Fairhaven, it's because we have struck a special unlimited deal with Wah May to sell as many $25 gift cards at half price as you can buy.

So, say goodbye to feeling left out with a SOLD OUT deal (well, at least for today). Things will be back to normal on Friday morning with our Greasy Luck Seize The Deal. We fully expect the 100-plus gift cards to sell out in under a minute. You're on your own with that one!

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