The Dez Bryant dance needs to figure itself out soon. I can't handle it.

Dez Bryant is one of the more talented receivers in the NFL and is looking for work. The New England Patriots seemingly have one of their weaker receiving corps in the last few years. Match made in heaven right?

Apparently not.

According to CBS News, Dez seems at least a little interested in signing in New England, as he was praising Bill and Brady. You'd think that would be enough. Obviously if you have a big time receiver interested, you at least kick the tires on a potential deal, right?

Not Bill Belichick. According to, the Patriots have next to no interest in exploring the idea of Dez Bryant as a Patriot.

So what's the deal here!? I just don't see why this isn't worth looking into. I mean sure, Chad Ochocinco didn't work out (among others), but Bill at least took a shot. This all just seems kind of confusing. Is there something I don't know? Did Dez cross Bill at some point?

Whatever the deal is, I think it's pretty silly that there is no deal.

Would you want Dez Bryant rocking the Pats' red, white, and blue, or do you live by "In Bill We Trust?"

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