"I want what Manny & Jeff have" is one of the phrases we hear most often from new clients.  You don't need to have a Manny- Jeff saga to make your commercials memorable - we can help!

In Jacobs Media Strategies' recent 5 Tips for Writing Great Commercial Copy, Kevin Gunn outlines the some of things you should keep in mind when writing, including our 3 favorite.

1. Try not to narrow the audience at the start of a script with something like "Attention ladies over 6ft tall"; Males and ladies under 6ft tall will immediately tune out. Capture everyone’s interest with something they’ve either never heard before or that entertains them.

2. Keep your ad straightforward and relevant. :30 spots are short and to get more out of them, shorten information where possible. "THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 14TH” AT 8:30 PM” can simply read "THIS SATURDAY NIGHT AT 8.”

3. Get the listener to go to your website. If you can get the audience can be directed to your website, you can keep your spot entertaining and use your website to get into the laundry list of offers, restrictions and details.  This allows your commercials to be more about your branding and less about everything you offer.

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